Movies You Cant Miss

I love to watch a hell lot movies and what I realized is  I do have have some likes and dislikes actually not dislike, You can say less liked. Though its entertainment category but requires a lot of time.  Every single individual has its own taste so it may vary in comparison to others recommendation there is a huge list of  mine but made out 10 movies you should watch

  1. Shawshank  Redemption     ( IMDb rating 9.3 )
  2. Scarface                                  ( IMDb rating 8.3 )
  3. American Gangster              ( IMDb rating 7.8 )
  4. A beautiful Mind                  ( IMDb rating 8.2 )
  5. Dark Night Rises                   ( IMDb rating 8.5 )
  6. Apollo 13                                ( IMDb rating 7.6 )
  7. Invictus                                   ( IMDb rating 7.4 )
  8. Die Hard 4                              ( IMDb rating 7.2 )
  9. John Wick                               (IMDb rating 7.2 )you-cant-handle-the-truth6
  10. A Few Good Man                   ( IMDb rating 7.6 )



Are you really woke up today

Charge yourself in half minute


Its daily you woke up had a tea start you daily routine

But WAIT… are you really woke up

Every single Individual teaches best to himself  and you need to do the same imagine when the day will come you start pushing up the things and take the decision .

Take example of mine itself its Hard to get like comments follower  but still I need do give it a try until I succeed the day I leave it doing every single minute gone WASTED. So either I  should not start it or  if I had started I need to carry-on

Since long time I was preparing myself to upbringing on Instagram wordpress but finally what I realized is I just wasted that time which I would have utilized

So friends whatever the thing is, you can do

Believe Me ” YOU CAN”


Starting point of mine to express my movie love

Well here to make my own world more expressive, broad and to add a new taste

Mowee a word just hit in my mind for getting represent myself  among all the Movie lovers .

Why Mowee?

AS soon as we enter large screens and  visualize the efforts of  every single individual making that Drama realistic to us we start seeing more and more of our-self  ( WE  the common people) with the characters. Well that make my mind with the name Mowee More and more of WE

I am a movie lover and here to bring a real taste, sense, charm what I personally feel to all  Movie lovers and apart from them as well

Movies are the best entertainer I personally believe though many new platforms YouTube e.t.c.  proving them-self like anything & they are in real terms But going to theaters with Girlfriend , Friends , Family gives more joy and its there for a long time in your mind